Nelson Nery Jr.

Foto do Advogado Nelson Nery. Senhor branco, levemente sorrindo, de cabelo loiro grisalho curto, usa óculos quadrados e terno preto com gravata azul. O fundo da imagem é cinza.

Prof. Nelson Nery Jr. is a full professor at the Pontifical Catholic University in São Paulo (PUC-SP) and was also a Professor at the Universidade Estadual Paulista “Júlio de Mesquita Filho” (Unesp). He obtained his bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Taubaté, his master’s, PhD and post-doctoral degrees in law from PUC-SP, and a PhD in Civil Procedural Law from Universität Friedrich-Alexander Erlangen-Nürnberg. He also holds permanent teaching positions at the Centro de Extensão Universitária and the Instituto Brasiliense de Ensino e Pesquisa.

He is an arbitrator in various arbitration chambers in Brazil and abroad, including the Center for Arbitration and Mediation of the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce, the São Paulo Institute of Attorneys, and the Brazil-Portugal Chamber of Commerce.

He was an Appellate Prosecutor for the São Paulo State Government for 27 years. He is a member of the Wissenschaftliche Vereinigung für Internationales Verfahrensrecht (Germany), the International Association of Procedural Law, the Asociación Iberoamericana de Derecho Procesal, the Brazilian Academy of Civil Law, and the Deutsch-Brasilianische Juristen Vereinigung.

He was a co-author of the bills that became the Public Civil Action Law (Law 7347/85) and the Consumer Defense Code (Law 8078/90), is a member of the São Paulo Academy of Law (Chair No. 25) and the São Paulo Academy of Legal Letters (Chair No. 54), and is a member of the São Paulo Institute of Attorneys (IASP). He founded the Union of Catholic Legal Scholars of São Paulo, of which he is Treasurer.

He is the coordinator, together with Prof. Rosa Maria Nery, of “Private Law Revue”, published by Editora Revista dos Tribunais/Thomson Reuters and is also the author of a diverse range of texts with a strong influence on and acceptance by the courts (especially the Superior Courts of the Country – STJ/STF) and administrative agencies, and popular in the national and international legal publishing market.