Social responsibility

Nery Advogados believes that all of us are responsible for building a better society. Our team's commitment to and alignment with Nery Advogados' values results in a combined effort to generate mutual benefits for the firm and the community, improving the quality of life of both our employees and society.

Pro Bono Work

Nery Advogados' most direct form of contributing to encouraging civic engagement is through legal activities. The firm performs non-remunerated legal work in its four practice areas for those needing its services but unable to afford them. The decision to accept a pro bono case involves various elements such as the number of pro bono cases already being handled by the firm, the nature and quality of the matter, the firm's belief in the case, and a sense that injustice is involved, among others.

Promoting Culture

Sponsorship of the Sociedade de Cultura Artística [Artistic Culture Society] Nery Advogados sponsors the Sociedade de Cultura Artística, a traditional entity promoting culture in São Paulo and Brazil for over 100 years, so that it may continue to offer music and theatre performances of the highest caliber. Rebuilding of the Society's Theater Nery Advogados contributed to the beautiful plan to rebuild the Teatro Cultura Artística, which was completely destroyed by fire in 2008. The architectural reconstruction was carried out by the best professionals in Brazil and abroad and the primary concern was preserving the magnificent mural by Emiliano Di Cavalcanti that survived the fire without structural damage. In addition to creating the best, most modern theater in Brazil, the design involves urban revitalization of the theater's surroundings. Instituto Bacarelli - SP Nery Advogados supports the Bacarelli Institute, established in the city of São Paulo in 1960 by the conductor Silvio Bacarelli, which provides excellent musical and artistic training for socially vulnerable children and adolescents, improving their personal development and providing the possibility of a professional career.

Promoting Education

The Ave-Maria Group Nery Advogados believes that it can make a difference through actions focused on the development of local communities. Nery Advogados' friendship with the parish priest of the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Maria have made it aware of the problems faced by the Claretian missionaries working in that community. In order to support those in its neighborhood, the firm promotes the Ave-Maria Group's social work. The group works hard to protect vulnerable, at-risk children and adolescents by developing their potential, as well as supporting their increasing autonomy, empowerment and civic engagement through the strengthening of family and community ties.

Fighting Hunger

Servathon – Sodexo Nery Advogados contributes to Sodexo's initiative against hunger and malnourishment worldwide. In 2013, the firm participated in Sodexo's drive to gather food to be distributed to beneficiary institutions, in which a total of 26,598 metric tons was collected.
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