Análise Advocacia 500 [Legal Analysis 500]

Professor Nelson Nery Jr. was cited as exemplary in six consecutive editions of Análise Advocacia 500 (2007-2012), an important publication in the Brazilian law market that describes the most admired firms and attorneys in Brazil. He was recognized for his knowledge in Civil and Consumer Law, specifically for the Infrastructure, Automotive, Insurance, Electro-electronics and Paper and Cellulose sectors.

Nelson Nery Jr. won a Jabuti Prize in 2007

The book Processo e Constituição - Estudos em Homenagem ao Professor José Carlos Barbosa Moreira [Procedure and Constitution: Studies in Honor of Professor José Carlos Barbosa Moreira], edited by Nelson Nery Jr., Luiz Fux, current Justice on the Federal Supreme Court, and Teresa Arruda Alvim Wambier, was one of the winners of the Jabuti Prize in the Law category, in third place.
In the work, in addition to presenting the individual honored, the contributors explored the area to which Barbosa Moreira dedicated himself, in texts of great academic value. Nery Jr., Fux and Alvim Wambier addressed the most controversial aspects of Civil Procedural Law, and clarified the recent changes in the code.
Begun in 1959, the Jabuti Prize is one of the most important literary awards in Brazil and indicates the highlights of Brazilian publishing in 20 categories annually.
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