About the firm

With a focus on academic knowledge, Nery Attorneys at Law was founded in April, 2013 by the legal scholar and attorney Nelson Nery Jr. Motivated by his integrated vision of the legal universe, thanks to his academic experience and well-known academic publications, the idea was to establish a firm based on a unique service model. Thus, the firm brought together a team highly specialized in providing legal opinions in a broad range of legal fields,

a rare service for commercial firms and one of the most valued and sought-after practices today.

In addition to issuing legal opinions and opinion letters, the firm also accepts sensitive civil litigation and arbitration cases. Nery Attorneys at Law also offers legal consultancy services to assist and guide its clients.

O Escritório - Nery Advogados


Nery Attorneys at Law has the steadfast purpose of serving its clients in a personal, individualized way. The firm’s attorneys are distinguished by their academic and professional experience, and seek to serve their clients through legal research carried out specially for each concrete case, applying both Brazilian and international case law when preparing legal opinions and legal briefs. At Nery Attorneys at Law, the client-attorney relationship is guided, above all, by trust and empathy. With an exceptional level of legal knowledge, the team makes every effort to meet client needs and guide them towards success in their endeavors.

The firm’s structure is based on an integrated view of law, and thus competence and coherence steer its work when studying the cases brought to it. It believes that only the simultaneous study of all pertinent issues of fact and law can lead to an optimal solution of the problem.  The practice of law is an art. Thus, combining a systemic view of Law and our creativity and skill in revealing these values in our results is the formula for success in our research and solutions for clients. Additionally, Nery Attorneys at Law believes that constant academic training of its attorneys puts the firm at the forefront of legal change in Brazil, and thus allows us to better serve our clients’ needs. Our actions are governed by the following principles: ethics, efficiency, transparency, honesty and perseverance.