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imagem_1 With a focus on academic knowledge, Nery Advogados was founded in April, 2013 by the legal scholar Nelson Nery Jr. Motivated by a broad view of the law, thanks to his academic scholarship and recognized scientific production, he decided to found a firm based on a unique service provision model. Thus, legal firm highly specialized in preparing Legal Reports in a great range of legal areas was created. This is uncommon in a commercial law firm, but one of the most valued and sought-after practices at the moment.
In addition to preparing Legal Reports and Opinions, the firm also provides counsel for sensitive Civil Law cases and in the area of Arbitration. Nery Advogados also provides Legal Consulting to aid and guide its clients.
imagem_2 A recognized legal scholar and full professor at the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC), São Paulo, and at Unesp, Nelso Nery Jr. was an Appellate Prosecutor for the Public Prosecutor's Office for the State of São Paulo for 27 years. He is recognized throughout Brazil for his work in Civil Procedural, Civil, Consumer, Environmental, Commercial, Administrative and Constitutional Law, in addition to acting as an arbitrator in national and international cases. Over his long career, he has produced works such as Código de Processo Civil Comentado [Commented Civil Procedure Code], Código Civil Comentado [Commented Civil Code] and Constituição Federal Comentada [Commented Federal Constitution], all best sellers among Brazilian legal texts. His book entitled Teoria Geral dos Recursos [General Theory of Appeals], the commercial version of his doctoral dissertation defended at the Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany, revolutionized the subject of civil procedure appeals and is the reference text on the subject. He was also co-author of two bills that became the Public Civil Action Law and the Consumer Defense Code.

Nery Advogados also stands out due to its cohesive team, consisting of technically competent attorneys who have been working together with the principal since 2005. The firm consists of only seven attorneys, all partners and disciples of the founder's legal approach, and highly trained to develop innovative reports and to use research applied to Brazilian and international law to provide complete, broad-ranging solutions for its clients.
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