Practice areas

The distinguishing feature of our firm is that we offer clients solutions inspired by a systemic view of Law. For this reason, the team has structured itself to provide services in a wide range of legal specialties and thus offers clients something that they will not commonly find in other firms. In this sense, there are no specific practice areas, but rather areas with greater or lesser demand. These are the areas we work in most frequently:


Recognition of the founding partner as one of the greatest authorities in procedural law in Brazil means that the firm receives the most complex requests in its four main practice areas on questions related to civil procedure and collective rights law. Professor Nelson Nery Jr. also issues legal opinions and opinion letters on issues involving criminal procedure.


The firm’s experience in specialized civil litigation makes Nery Attorneys at Law highly sought after in a variety of areas of private law, whether civil, business or corporate. These areas are also the most sought after for legal advice and most arbitrations involve these branches of law. For legal opinions and opinion letters, labor and private international law are also common.


Due to the renown of the founding partner in the area of diffuse and collective rights — Professor Nelson Nery Jr. is the creator and coordinator of the only academic graduate course focusing on this branch of Law in Brazil (offered by PUC-SP) — the firm has a strong background in consumer, environment and competition law in its four main practice areas.


Nery Attorneys at Law has focuses strongly on constitutional, administrative, economic and banking law in its four main practice areas. The criminal and tax areas are the most common for legal opinions and opinion letters.