Georges Abboud

Doctorate and Master’s and degrees in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), Brazil.

  • Professor of Civil Procedure in the FADISP doctoral and master’s programs in Law, the undergraduate law degree at PUC/SP, and the graduate specialization course offered by the Brazilian Academy of Constitutional Law;
  • Professor in the master’s program in constitutional law at the Brasiliense Institute of Public Law (IDP-DF);
  • Academic director and founding member of the Brazilian Association of Procedural Law;
  • Legal Adviser.

Author of legal books such as Discricionariedade Administrativa e Judicial [Administrative and Judicial Discretion], Introdução à Teoria e à Filosofia do Direito [Introduction to Theory and Philosophy of Law] and Processo Constitucional Brasileiro [The Brazilian Constitutional Process], published by RT/Thomson Reuters.